Our History

Founded as an independent national nonprofit in 1990, the Institute began as a project within National Wildlife Federation in 1988 with support from the Pew Charitable Trusts. Over the years, our programs have evolved from a primary focus on training to a full range of programs and services. We are honored to serve a wide variety of local, state, regional, and national groups working on conservation and environmental issues across North America and beyond.

Our Mission

To support healthy communities and a healthy Earth, the Institute for Conservation Leadership strengthens leaders, organizations, coalitions, and networks.

Our Vision

We envision a diverse set of leaders equipped to solve the most pressing issues that affect the well-being of our communities and the Earth.  These leaders effectively engage others, work across sectors and boundaries, and choose and implement strategies that create positive change.

Our Core Values

We believe:

  •  Collaboration has an amplifying effect, offering individuals and organizations the potential to create positive change. 
  •  Generating positive change must include diverse participation, drawing upon collective experience and wisdom. 
  •  Accessing collective wisdom is possible through proven approaches that prompt individuals and groups to collaborate and co-create in an environment of openness, shared understanding, and mutual respect. 
  •  Open collaboration that centers healthy communities and a healthy Earth cannot ignore that natural resources and access to land have been dominated by white supremacist and patriarchal systems. 
  •  Being actively anti-racist and intentionally inclusionary magnifies the potential in each individual and every organization. 

Our Team

ICL’s team includes staff, key support vendors, and a network of talented consultants who work together to achieve our shared mission.