Effective meetings require creative planning and thoughtful approaches.
Let us support your next meeting through our expert facilitation design, planning, and training services. We know how to support your current needs while keeping your future goals in mind.

Facilitation Support

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ICL offers facilitation support for your team by drawing on a range of activities and approaches tailored to your unique collaboration. 

We bring decades of experience to our work with leaders and the creation of productive meetings and processes. 
When you have important high stakes meetings, complex strategy to sort out, or you just need to participate rather than lead the next meeting, hiring ICL’s team can make a difference.

Whether we help you plan the meetings or facilitate them for you, ICL will:

Frame clear outcomes
Engage the group and create an inclusive environment
Shape and manage a productive flow of discussions
Introduce helpful exercises and tools to use time well

Facilitation Training

Pri, a senior associate at ICL, stands in front of a group she's facilitating

ICL provides facilitation skills training

to leaders of collaborations or

highly collaborative organizations.

When you hire ICL for facilitation skill building, we will guide you in identifying  the goals of your meeting, and will teach you how to facilitate in order to build  connection and trust in your group.


ICL’s facilitation support will guide you in:

Sparking collective vision and action in your collaboration
Creating shared understanding and cooperation in your group
Developing crucial skills for effective and dynamic meetings
Integrating equity and inclusion into meetings and facilitation efforts
Using technology strategically and inclusively
We offer workshops and programs online or in-person. Because building facilitation skills takes a hands-on approach, our programs are customized for groups, which can include leaders from your collaboration as well as other members. 

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