Are You Watering Your Garden?

August 11, 2016

Kevin Brubaker, ICL Board Vice Chair and Treasurer, and alumni of ICL’s Executive Leadership Program, recently discussed the importance of building the capacity of leaders in the conservation field. In a recent podcast conversation, he refers to investing in capacity as similar to watering your garden. When considering the impact of taking the time for building your own capacity, Kevin says “It’s hard to draw a straight line between the training I’ve received and the work I’ve done that lead to public policy.According to Kevin, it’s similar to asking, “What was the impact of watering your garden last Saturday. Is that why your tomatoes taste so good right now? Who knows? On the other hand, if you hadn’t watered them, they’d probably be shriveled up and dead right now.” 

A strong analogy but one that lifts up the importance of investing time and resources in your organization’s leadership capacity – at the executive level and beyond. ICL’s Executive Leadership Program provides a framework, tools, peer learning, and executive coaching to help executive leaders build their capacity to be more effective and reach greater impact. For over 25 years we’ve helped executives direct their organizations toward a complex future, foster and manage relationships, balance the effective use of resources, adapt to change, strategically collaborate, fundraise, and more.

ICL’s Leading From Within helps staff increase their confidence and fully utilize their strengths to address conflicts, build productive teams, influence others, and choose strategic actions. This program also offers a combination of peer learning and coaching.

Listen to Kevin Brubaker further discuss his experience with ICL and the importance of people power in the environmental movement. You might decide it’s time to water your garden!