Convene with DRWI Colleagues!

New Gathering June 6th-7th
And events throughout the year

Through surveys and DRWI meetings, ICL heard your feedback on the desire for increased opportunities to learn, form connections, and have more variety in gatherings. This year, you have multiple opportunities to choose the events  that work  best for you.

How did ICL come to this proposed format for events?

Your survey responses and discussion with some cluster members determined the what and how of events to support your work in Phase 2+. You said the following:

What do you want? 

See below, Image 1

  •  You are excited to learn (from each other and experts) and to form professional connections!

What types of events do you want?

See below, Image 2

  • Technical workshops
  • Field trips and case studies
  • Hands-on trainings

What topics/ideas were proposed?

See below, Image 3

You gave us 175 topic ideas and 86 types of speakers/experts, which were sorted and coded to determine trends. Top categories:

  • DEIJ & community engagement
  • Accessing outside funding
  • Innovation in other watersheds/capacity building
  • GIS/data analysis related topics & new technology + tools
  • Communication strategy/outreach/PR

Climate change is a cross cutting theme.

What specific ideas did you share under each category?

  • DEIJ topics, such as meaningful relationships in overburdened communities, learning from Native American communities, diversifying staff and hiring
  • Outside funding sources, such as federal programs, funding for land protection, funding to continue existing projects 
  • Innovation in other watersheds, such as what other watersheds are doing to address climate change, “things that work and why” and case studies


Inspired to share something you and your cluster mates have learned with your DRWI colleagues? Have an interesting topic you want to dive into with colleagues across the watershed? Contact me directly at prie (at) icl dot org.