Establishing a Charitable Trust

There are two primary types of charitable trusts, or living trusts, through which you can contribute to the Institute for Conservation Leadership.

One is a charitable remainder trust. This provides you or other beneficiaries you name with a stream of income for life or a period of years. Almost any asset can be used to fund the trust, and it can be tailored to suit almost any financial or estate-planning goal. When the trust terminates, the remainder goes to the Institute for Conservation Leadership.

By contrast, a charitable lead trust allows you to make a future transfer of assets to your heirs at a significantly reduced gift and estate tax cost, while supporting the Institute for Conservation Leadership with fixed income during the term of the trust. When the trust terminates, the assets are passed to the beneficiaries you have named.

We encourage you to talk with your legal and tax advisors about the type of trust that might work best for you.

If you have already established a legacy gift to Institute for Conservation Leadership, please let us know so we may express our gratitude and ensure your wishes are met. On behalf of the many hundreds of leaders who turn to us – not to mention the next generation of leaders for the Earth, including your daughters, sons, nieces, nephews and grandchildren – we thank you!

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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