Connect with others while discovering yourself

Our Focus

In the challenging climate of the conservation world, there are no quick fixes and problems can sometimes seem daunting. Our focus is on leadership that not only engages others but also encourages the self-care necessary to being an effective, balanced leader. Through our programs and services, you will discover more about who you are as a leader and how to effectively manage and inspire your team.

ICL’s approach for all of our programs is to be a trusted partner with you. We want to help you identify outcomes and support you on a path to success. While some programs offer a rigid, linear process for coaching, ICL will work with you in a way that fits your specific needs, both personally and professionally to identify your objectives. We will guide you in reflection, provide resources and fresh perspectives, and support you in reaching your goals.

How We Can Help

Leading and Navigating Change – Customized Coaching for You

Leaders like you find our coaching helps them to effectively navigate inside and outside of their organizations, allowing them to lead at their highest potential. ICL’s coaching is tailored to fit your needs and is designed to complement our existing leadership programs.

If you are thinking about strategy, relationships, your board, your organizational business model, your organizational structure, or fundraising, our team of coaches are ready to support you and your organization.

Contact Peter Lane at peter (at) icl (dot) org for more information on coaching, workshops, and other ways we can help boost the leadership skills of you and your team.