Collaboration for Clean Water

May 3, 2016
Michael Reuter

One of the Institute’s core values is we firmly believe we are all better when we work collaboratively. This podcast elevates that belief.  We are proud to share a conversation we had with Michael Reuter, Director of The Nature Conservancy‘s North American Water Program.

Michael serves as a board member on an initiative called America’s Watershed Initiative (AWI), a large collaborative project based in the Mississippi River Watershed uniting people, land, and water across 31 states. Michael talks candidly about the challenges of navigating a large collaborative project that covers hundreds of jurisdictions, includes thousands of people who all have a unique, yet important connection to the watershed; from farmers and landowners, business and industry, to communities and people who use the river for commerce and recreation.

In this podcast, Michael addresses some of the big challenges and opportunities we face in order to keep natural systems healthy to ensure our water remains clean, abundant and managed in ways that meet the needs of people and nature. Much of Michael’s interview focuses on the Mississippi River Watershed and the important role America’s Watershed Initiative (AWI) and the initiative’s newly released Report Card for America’s Watershed can play in finding solutions that meet the multiple demands placed on this national resource.

What is clear to us is that the principles embedded into America’s Watershed Initiative can be used across sectors, industry, and society as a whole to make our communities a better place to live. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

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