ICL Supports Phase II of the Delaware River Watershed Initiative

April 3, 2018

At ICL, we know the whole really can be greater than the sum of its parts.

In our work to build collaboration with key players, informed by data, and addressing the most strategic focus areas, we have witnessed time and time again that together we can enrich our learning, foster innovation, and have greater impact.

The Delaware River Watershed Initiative (DRWI) serves as a perfect example of the power of collaboration. A first-of-its-kind, multi-state collaboration of 65 organizations working together to protect and restore the Delaware River and its tributaries, the DRWI improves water quality and protects the drinking water for 15 million people in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.

The DRWI launched just four years ago, and ICL has the honor of supporting this remarkable collaborative effort as it changes the game for the ecosystems and communities within the Delaware River watershed. In such a short time, DRWI partners have protected 19,604 acres, restored 8,331 acres, and monitored and sampled water quality at more than 500 sites across four states.

Today the William Penn Foundation announced more than $40 million in new funding for the DRWI. Informed by learnings from the first phase of the initiative, this additional three-year investment builds on initial successes to protect and restore an estimated 43,484 additional acres and continue a scientific approach to securing clean, abundant water in the basin.

ICL is excited to bring our special set of skills to enhance the initiative’s transformative work that is impacting water quality in the Delaware River region for generations to come. And how do we do this? ICL brings its collaboration expertise to facilitate action and learning, coach and train leaders, and strengthen strategic approaches across the DRWI. By supporting a strong web of connected leaders and groups, ICL ensures that the sum of the parts indeed has greater impact the Delaware River watershed.

Learn more about this tremendous effort at https://4states1source.org/.

With thanks to the William Penn Foundation and Resource Media


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