How ICL Defines Leadership

September 28, 2015

In this Institute for Conservation Leadership “Podcast Short”, host Kurt Thompson is in conversation with Dianne Russell (ICL’s President) and Peter Lane (ICL’s Director of Program Services) on how the Institute defines leadership.

7 thoughts on “How ICL Defines Leadership”

  1. This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing ICL’s perspective on leadership. Both Peter and Dianne hit on a number of concepts important to leading within the conservation movement. Concepts that resonated with me were having a positive message, cultivating clarity of purpose, and focusing on how to influence others. Well done.

    • Thank you, Robin! You were the very first person to offer feedback since we launched our new website! We are excited about our new podcast platform – stay tuned – more to come!

  2. Congratulations for this great idea and platform. I’m keen to get you many many Canadian subscribers and will get the word out about this. It’s wonderful to tap into the ICL braintrust but I encourage you to highlight ‘field -based’ enviro leaders and guests as well.

  3. Hi Diane, Peter,

    Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts on leadership. I agree that everyone has the ability to practice leadership and influence others. I have seen how powerful leadership skills can be in helping others realize their strengths!

  4. Both leaders and followers are born, not made. Leaders are born with special abilities to see unique images and goals, and they are born with special abilities which allow them to effectively articulate those goals. A natural leader is not content to be a follower; a natural follower is perfectly content to be a follower. We need both types for our purposes.

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