2018 Leadership Resolutions from the ICL Team

January 2, 2018

ICL’s staff share their leadership resolutions for 2018.


Dianne Russell 

I resolve to listen to 1-2 podcasts a week that stretch my knowledge and awareness about race, ethnicity, and cultural perspectives. There are so many great podcasts to choose from, and I hear of new ones that I want to listen to practically every day. A sample of what I can recommend and will be listening to can be found here.



Sarah Clark 

In 2018 I will deepen my mindfulness practice so that I continue to strengthen my ability to consistently lead with intention and presence. Tools that support my resolution include the Best Self journal, the talks and meditations of Tara Brach, and the Insight Timer meditation phone app – and the feedback I receive from my 14-year old!




Bobbi Russell

My leadership resolutions for 2018 are to:

  • Remember my strengths. It’s good and important to focus on areas for improvement. I think it’s equally as important, if not more, to continue to apply and fine tune strengths.
  • Invest in myself through expanding my skills and pushing myself outside my comfort zone. I hope this will be a blend of self-directed ongoing learning, coursework of some kind, and networking.
  • Pause more. The dark side to my Achiever strength is that I don’t take enough time to celebrate success before moving on to the next task or project. I’m working on pausing to celebrate, to let someone go ahead of me, to enjoy the cardinal outside my office window, and to generally soak in the world.



Megan Rolfe

As someone who is drawn to and energized by supporting others, sometimes I let myself fade into the background where it’s safe and no one can see me. In 2018, I am challenging myself to practice a more assertive, grounded form of leadership by embracing a higher level of responsibility, even if it feels risky or like I might fail; stating my opinions, recommendations, and suggestions without couching or apology; and by accepting – not deflecting! – praise.


How can we help you achieve your leadership resolutions for the year ahead?

Let us know at info (at) icl (dot) org – we’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “2018 Leadership Resolutions from the ICL Team”

  1. Thank you for these inspirational resolutions and the links to the tools that will help you ( and many of us) follow through. I admire your public declarations, that makes them more viable. With staff like this, the ICL mission is in great hands.

  2. This is inspiring to me as a professional and my personal growth. As I always say “I aspire to inspire” however, aspirations comes within and when you find it as I did in the words that were written above we can inspire our peers, thank you!

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