2019 Leadership Resolutions from the ICL Team

January 1, 2019

ICL staff and Board members share their leadership resolutions for 2019!


Dianne Russell

Emily Flake for NYT

Since leading the Women in Conservation Summit for National Wildlife Federation two years ago, I have been aware of a pattern that is true for me and for many women. I apologize too much. I say “I’m sorry” far too many times during the day.

In 2019 I resolve to reverse this pattern by paying attention to my words. I believe that sincere apology, when merited, is a important thing to do. However, in the coming year I resolve to not say “I’m sorry” as a way to mute myself, as an attempt to be overly polite, or as a way to be less visible in the world. I know this will take concerted effort (my colleagues can validate this!!).  And, because what we say shapes how we live, I’m up for the challenge!

If you share this struggle, here are a couple of additional resources:


Sarah Clark

My 2019 resolution is to identify and implement specific experiments in my work with others that can make greater contributions to the change in communities and in the environment that we seek. Specifically, I’m committed to approaches that are more equitable and inclusive, that build leadership, and that foster learning and action. Because the challenges we face require bold action, I will face how the choices I make and the experiments I create can contribute.



Peter Lane

I recommit to to the Gestalt principle of making a difference through my presence with coaching clients and groups. I will be honorable by aligning my values and beliefs with my behavior and standing for something; be an effective agent of change by cultivating conditions for others to experiment with new behavior and help them complete work and complete closure on unfinished business; and be curious by showing genuine interest in others and staying in a space of wonderment of the world and the nature of human relationships. (Adapted from The NTL Handbook of Organizational Development and Change.)


Megan Rolfe

The other day I read an article online (now gone forever, as I can no longer recall the source) and one line struck me so much that I immediately wrote it on a post-it and put it up over my desk at home. The line was, “What are you doing to increase your capacity for resilience, compassion, self-care, and clear boundaries?” Like a lot of overly anxious folks, I can wrestle with decisions and the guilt, regret, and shame of the “shoulds” forever. In 2019, I will use this question as a guide to quiet the “shoulds” and trust the path forward.


Mauricio Velasquez

I will finish a booklet that I drafted for a client. Flush out a concept for an app. Work smarter, spend more time with my family and help more not-for-profits. Go permanently to a four-day work week.




Naomi Cobb

I pledge to take 3 walks a week that are not for exercise, but for tuning into the world around me through my senses.  I will use these walks to inform my decisions about my work.




How can we help you achieve your leadership resolutions this year?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading the leadership resolutions post! It was great to see that self-care was a common theme.

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