7 Tips For Effective Remote Collaboration

March 20, 2020

As a leader, moving forward in the face of sudden change can be a daunting challenge… but it can also be an opportunity to think creatively and explore new avenues and facets of the work you do.

As you begin the transition to predominately remote work, we know the challenge you and your board, staff, and partners face. ICL is a resource for you, and we aim to use our unique experience and background to help you generate meaningful and productive online work environments.

To support our leaders and communities through this transition phase, we have created 7 Tips for Remote Collaboration. We have also created ICL’s Full List of Offerings.

Built on ICL’s experience fostering effective collaborations, this resource explores seven important areas of collaboration with insights and practical suggestions. These materials are designed to help you navigate the challenges that arise within online work environments and position yourselves for success. It is our hope that this information helps you feel grounded and allows you to find your way forward during these uncertain times.

Working remotely will raise a new set of challenges and opportunities for all. We offer the following resources to help ensure that you are asking questions which address the unique issues that may arise for remote workers.

Feel free to share 7 Tips and additional resources with others in your network.  You can also see our original Seven Tips For Working In Groups from ICL’s Working Together Toolkit, a resource for collaborative efforts.

If you have not done so, please find our additional resources, and ICL’s Full List of Offerings and stay tuned for further offerings and materials. ICL will continue to stand with you as we move through this changing environment together.

Warm regards,

Joy Jackson, Senior Associate

on behalf of ICL staff

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! So helpful for these times. I appreciate the team at ICL and all you are doing to support folks in staying connected even from afar!

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